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"Statistics of interlaboratory in-vitro toxicological studies" von Ludwig Hothorn

"Data examples from ENVIRONMETRICS Robust stat. procedure for evaluating genotoxicity data" von Ludwig Hothorn

"Simultaneous tests and confidence intervals for experimental agricultural designs" von Cornelia Frömke

"VolcanoCI: A modified volcano plot using confidence intervals for simple presentation of microarray data" von Donghui Ma

Programme von Frank Bretz, u. a.: 

"Nonparametric relevance-shifted multiple testing procedures for the analysis of high-dimensional multivariate data with small samplesizes" von C. Frömke et al., Version für R 2.4.1

mratios: "An R package for inferences about ratios of normal means" von Gemechis Dilba und Frank Schaarschmidt (2006)

"How to deal with multiple treatment or dose groups" Fund&Clin Pharm 2007

"Analysis of complex treatment structures (HortScience)" von Frank Schaarschmidt und Lea Vaas

"The use of historical controls in estimation of simultaneous confidence intervals for comparisons against a concurrent control (CSDA)" von A. Kitsche, L.A. Hothorn und F. Schaarschmidt

Supplementary material: "Simultaneous confidence intervals for ratios of fixed effects parameters in linear mixed models" von F. Schaarschmidt und G. D. Djira

Supplementary material (Data and R-Code): "Statistical evaluation of toxicologiocal bioassays- a review" Tox Res (2014) DOI: 10.1039/c4tx00047a